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Dates and Location

June 27th (Th) - June 29th (Sat), 2019

InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel

1 Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA, USA





Registration for Annual Meeting

Registration Form


Brochure (updated April 24)



(Tentative as of April 18)

June 27th (Th)

18:00- 18:30   Early Registration

18:30- 20:00   Welcome Dinner









June 28th (Fri)

MTTRF Annual Meeting 2019

07:00- 08:30   Registration

08:30- 10:00   Session1

10:30- 12:00   Session2

12:00- 13:30   Lunch

13:30- 15:00   Session3

15:30- 17:00   Session4

18:30- 20:30   Dinner Banquet



June 29th (Sat)

MTTRF Annual Meeting 2019

08:30- 10:00   Session5

10:30- 12:00   Session6

12:00- 13:30   Lunch


iAM-CNC Annual Meeting 2019

13:30- 14:40   Session1

15:10- 16:30   Session2

17:30- 20:00   Farewell Dinner




·    MTTRF equipment loan: Research & education at UW-Madison, Prof. Pfefferkorn, University of Wisconsin Madison

·    1. Machining error correction based on predicted machining error caused by elastic deflection of tool system, 2. Intelligent monitoring system to detect tool chipping in peripheral end-milling based on in-process milling force prediction, Prof. Shirase, Kobe University

·    Influence of CAM software on S-shaped machining test of 5-axis machining center, Prof. Ihara, Osaka Institute of Technology

·    Adaptive toolpath for milling of thin walled parts, Prof. Campatelii, University of Firenze

·    1. Application of low and high frequency vibration assistance in grinding and surface structuring, 2. Cognitive machining by sensor integration in tooling system, Prof. Bleicher, Vienna University of Technology

·    Iterative learning and nonlinear control of industrial feed drive systems, Prof. Uchiyama, Toyohashi University of Technology

·    Design and characterization of a dynamic powder splitting system for powder flow control in the Directed Energy Deposition manufacturing process, Prof. Soshi, University of California Davis

·    1. Overview and report on the use of the MTTRF award for research and teaching at UCD Ireland, 2. Control of surface integrity of bioceramics in ultrasonic grinding, Prof. Byrne, University College Dublin

·    Challenges of a general approach for machining external and internal involute gears, Prof. Goch, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

·    In process measurement of lubricated friction coefficient & virtual investigation of thermal machine tool errors, Prof. Wegener, ETH Zurich

·    Manufacturing of components with a hardened top layer on a Turn-Mill-Laser Center, Prof. Lauwers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

·    1. Turning of difficult-to-machine materials with high pressure coolant, 2. High-quality and high-efficiency machining of CFRP with DLC-coated and diamond-coated end mills, Prof. Hosokawa, Kanazawa University